Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cleaning a Macbook Pro - Semi special conditions apply

So I use the "Stumble" upon add-on for Firefox. It's a pretty cool way to literally "stumble" onto sites you'd otherwise never find. Well, in my stumbling, I found the following posted in the Forums at MacRumors. I just had to post it...

"I put my laptop on the floor with the lid open (because I was coding) so my girlfriend and myself could have some private time.

I'll skip the details, there's female juices all over my macbook pro keyboard. The reason why I state the substance is b/c it's important you know that it's sticky & is started to not smell normal 'n the like.."

Read the rest here. Reading the comments has reinforced my understanding that some people are just plain fucking stupid. Either that or incredibly sheltered.

Kudos to this guy. I hope he got his machine clean.

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